Journey To Your Freedom


Yes, You Can Live A Life Of Freedom, Make All The Money You Want, and Be Very Happy!


This program is 90 days of personal mentoring with me, The Freedom Coach, to help you discover how to live a freedom lifestyle and get all the finances you need, so you can live a happy life on your own terms.

Here's what it's about:

  • Finding the Right Way to make all the money you want (one that you'll be great at and happy with);
  • Putting together the pieces to build a solid foundation;
  • Learning how to overcome obstacles like negative thinking, lack of clarity, uncertainty, and other things that have been holding you back;
  • Learning techniques for Goal Setting, Visualization, Planning, Proper Use of Affirmations, and more - that will help you get to where you want to be;
  • Having the support of an experienced mentor who will support, guide, teach, and inspire you through your journey; and
  • Launching yourself into a new chapter of your life, one you'll be living with freedom, on your own terms.

It's NOT about:

  • 'Just learn how to be happy with what you've got' (nonsense!);
  • 'Just find something, make a lot of money, and you'll be free' (bullshit);
  • 'One size fits all - it worked for me so it'll work for you' (more crap! You are UNIQUE, together we'll discover 'The Right Way' for you)

There's a 'Right Way' and a 'Wrong Way' to finance your freedom, take it from me - been there, done that 'Wrong Way' thing, and got the t-shirt (really). 

I'm here because I want to save other people (you) from making the same costly and time-consuming mistakes that I did. It was awful.


I believe that everyone has the right to live the life they want - a life of true personal freedom - and I want to help you get it.


I know what it’s like to want to be free, to feel trapped in a life you no longer love, and to constantly think to yourself,

There has to be more to life than this!”

Maybe you loved what you where doing at one time, maybe you thought it was going to be ‘the right thing‘, maybe you just have a longing for ‘something more’.

Maybe you’d like to:

  • Make a difference in the world,
  • Help other people, 
  • Make more money than you ever have before, or
  • Just live your own life on your own terms

If so, you're in the right place!

I’m on a QUEST to help people like you find their Freedom. To make sure that no one makes the same mistakes that I did, and I’m dedicated to helping people do it the Right Way – combining the necessary factors to be able to finance the freedom they want, so they’ll be able to actually enjoy it and live a happy, fulfilled life – on their own terms, in their own way.

Freedom is great, but without money it kinda’ sucks.  I’ve lived a freedom lifestyle most of my life, and I’ve been 6 figures in debt and I’ve had 6 figures in the bank – I much prefer having money in the bank (and I’m sure you do too).

This program is not about ‘Just be happy with what you’ve got‘ nonsense.  And it’s also not about doing just anything to make money. I’ve actually had coaches say to me, “Just pick something!”  Which is what I did, and because I wasn’t happy with what I was doing, I struggled, never had success, thought it was all my fault, and felt like a complete failure.

But now I know the truth. A truth that many other coaches won’t tell you…

Money doesn’t buy freedom. 

But with Freedom you CAN get all the money you want.

That’s an important distinction, because without the freedom to make the right choices and take the right actions, you’ll never get anywhere. This program is about helping you to live a freedom lifestyle and get all the finances you need, so you can live a happy life on your own terms.

So if you want your freedom – and if you’re ready to step up and do what it takes – then your time is now. Schedule a free call with me today. Don’t let any more of your life slip away without living it the way you want to.

I do have to give you one important side note though – space in my program is extremely limited.

That’s not a smarmy marketing tactic (God, I hate those!).  It’s because I mentor my clients personally and spend a lot of time helping them get set up to succeed.

I’ve been fooled more than once by thinking I was hiring a great coach to be my mentor (and paying a lot of money!), only to get pushed off on a sub-coach, who was okay, but not what I thought I was paying for. Therefore, I limit my clientele to no more than 5 new clients a month.

I have the experience, I have the expertise, and I’m going to work directly with you. I also have a short application process so I can be sure this is the right fit for you.  I don’t want to waste your time or money and I’m sure you don’t want to waste mine.

The application process is completely free, and so is the initial phone call with me so we can talk about how the Journey To Freedom Program can work for you.

If you’re looking forward to your freedom and learning how you can finance it in the best possible way for you, then let’s talk!

Click the button below, and you'll be taken directly to a scheduling page for easy-peasy setup.

Melissa Dafnis

The Freedom Coach

Founder of Break Free and Be

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